"After having three children in five years, I had put on over a hundred pounds. I had difficulty moving my body to do the simplest activities. At the park, I could only sit and watch as my husband chased the children through the playground and led games of soccer and basketball. Walking long distances and climbing stairs had become difficult for me. Participating in our family’s routine activities such as, bathing the kids, had become a physical burden. In search of a solution to my problem I came across the Core Concepts Method where I was introduced to Functional Movement and Holistic Nutrition. I was taught how to be mindful of my physical movement and how to use whole foods to fuel my workouts. By incorporating and changing my lifestyle to embrace the Core Concepts Method, I lost over a hundred pounds four years ago. The Method works for me because it allows me to extend my understanding of Functional Movement into my everyday activities. Today my children ask me to chase them in the playground, lead their soccer games, and train them for their track and field meets."- Rebecca

"I have been a fitness enthusiast for five years. In that time, I have tried many different types of cardio and resistance training, with dissatisfying results. I felt strong, but felt aesthetically frustrated. My shoulders would grow too strong and muscular for my taste, and my core remained weak despite my best efforts. I was convinced by a fitness friend to try out the Core Concepts method and have never looked back. My body has never felt stronger, more challenged, or more toned in the ways that I felt needed the most work. I am finally comfortable and happy with my body, and it is thanks to the dynamic conditioning and core focused work that Joshua Lipsey has developed. I personally believe this training is uniquely qualified to provide the lean muscles most of us desire, injury prevention in the long run, and core stability needed both within the gym and throughout our lives."- Kayla

"I tested the 12 week workout challenge by Joshua Lipsey last year. I worked out with him for 12 weeks training different muscle groups each day. Josh’s workouts are unique and challenging and always push me to my limit. What I love most about Josh’s technique is that he targets the smaller muscle groups that help to develop long lean muscles. Through my progress photos I was able to visibly see my abs developing and my body tone up as the weeks went by. I can’t wait for the next challenge! "- Sivan